EYET offers numerous housing services and programs for individuals and families living in East York or East Toronto. We also know that many people prefer to address the issue themselves. If you would like to see what EYET can do for you, CLICK HERE. If you want to do it yourself, this section provides useful information and vital links.

How do I apply for social housing?
You can apply on line or go in person to go to Housing Connections online or in person to fill out an application, or go to the Housing Help Centre closest to you for help completing the necessary forms.

I have been threatened with eviction what do I do?
You can apply on-line or in-person at Housing Connections. Or, you can visit a Housing Help Centre for help completing the necessary forms.

The Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board resolves disputes between landlords and tenants, regulates rent increases and educates landlords and tenants about their rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act.

Your local legal clinic may also be able to provide helpful information about what to do when you’ve been threatened with eviction.  They may even provide legal representation to those who qualify.

Is help available for rent and utilities?
Working low income Toronto residents can apply for help with rental arrears, first and last month’s rent and utilities. CLICK HERE for more information or contact the Housing Help Centre in your neighbourhood.

Can someone help me talk to my landlord?
Housing Help workers have information about available housing and can help fill out applications. They can also help talk to landlords or give advice on housing issues, income support programs and eviction prevention. To find the Housing Help Centre near you, CLICK HERE

I would like to know more about my rights:
The City of Toronto provides comprehensive information and links to crucial housing resources through its housing portal.

CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario) specializes in public legal education and provides information and materials, in written form and on the CLEO website.

Tenants may be able to get legal help at the legal aid clinic near you. Go to LEGAL AID  to see if you qualify.

ACTO (The Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario) works to better the housing situation of Ontario residents who have low incomes